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Upgrading PCVC

November 23rd, 2009 kaheidt Leave a comment Go to comments

One of the nice things about my ongoing relationship with the American Cancer Society is that they provide me with a unique opportunity to expand my current skill set by providing ideas for enhancements to their current site. Since they are a non-profit organization, any extra work that I do outside of changes that they request is considered a donation and therefore is tax deductible. Furthermore, the director of the ACS that I am working with is very receptive to new ideas and has some great ideas of his own, so you can understand how they are easily one of my favorite clients.

Right now I am currently working on implementing WordPress into the current phillycoachesvscancer.com website in order to allow the PCVC staff to make changes to parts of the website on their own. This task involves creating a custom WordPress theme that mimics the current layout and functionality of the existing website, which is not overly difficult once you understand the inner workings of WordPress. The key is to keep in mind what part of the existing site typically sees little or no changes requested by my client, and what parts have the most changes requested. Once that’s been figured out, then it’s easy to determine how the site should be split up in order to minimize the possibility of something being accidentally corrupted when someone else makes a content change.

I’m very excited about the outcome of this upgrade because in addition to having a solid CMS backbone, there will be many other pieces of the site that will be optimized. The site, as a whole, will be MUCH faster to load. More to come.

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