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California Part 2

December 10th, 2009 kaheidt Leave a comment Go to comments

Well it’s good to be home. I had a lot of fun at the Encore conference in California, but there’s no place like home. I met a lot of fun people and had some very interesting conversations, several of which were about Google Analytics and how it can be applied to collection campaign strategies. If there’s one thing I know plenty about it’s Google’s…. well it’s Google Anything really. But Google Analytics has become almost an essential part of any website for any number of reasons. Knowing the number of visitors your website is receiving, how those visitors are ending up at your site, and how many are returning visitors is excellent information to have, even if it’s just used to determine if it make sense to pay for another month of hosting or not. But I can see it being a huge benefit for the collections world, and I sincerely applaud the initiative to branch out into the unknown to tap into new resources for the sake of moving the industry forward. I think that I was able to bring some excellent professional knowledge to the table discussion surrounding this topic, and there was some excellent follow up interest from people that were there to listen and learn. Nothing makes me happier than feeling like the information I contribute is valued to any degree.

I really hope that some of the other people that attended follow up with me in the future, regardless of if they are my company’s client or not. As I mentioned to many of the people that I held discussions with, I’m a huge advocate for open source communities. The whole collective thought behind such a community is that if information is guarded close to the chest, then as an industry or community, we move forward at a fraction of the speed that we would if we were to share openly. Some may say that this is a terrible approach as far as business plans go. I’m no expert, but I think in the long run, I’ll still personally benefit the same, if not more, as I would if I kept what I know to myself. My ideas and services are useless unless enough people know about them to know that they would be beneficial to purchase and implement.

You stay classy San Diego.
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